Monday, May 08, 2006


I collect football programs with John Churchill Chase cartoons on the cover.

Chase, a New Orleans cartoonist, drew for Tulane, Rice, Texas, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, and the Houston Oilers. He may have created works for others, but these I have seen.

He drew for Tulane from the mid-1940's until the late-1960's; Rice from 1950 thru 1964; Texas the mid 1950's through 1966, likewise for Georgia Tech. LSU, Kentucky, and the Oilers were one or two season gigs. His best works, I believe, were the covers that he drew for both schools, Rice v. Texas, Tulane v, Georgia Tech, etc., because the one-upsmanship of the next years cover was special. Example, the 1958 Rice-Texas game at Rice featured an owl loading the horns of Texas into a water main. In '59, that same set of horns now held a gun to the owl! Politically incorrect, but very much past of the fabric that college football special.


Blogger Bob Darrow's World said...

I have a few Chase covers scanned I'd be willing to trade you for scans you might have if you are interested. My name is Robert and you can email me at

12:38 PM  
Blogger Walter Steigerwald said...

I also have a number of Chase covers from Rice's 62,63, 64 season, 1 Oiler, and 1 U of Texas home game with Rice, October 63. If interested please email me at Thanks, Regaqrds: Walter

12:29 PM  

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